Are You Poised To Write


(And Potentially Greatest) Chapter of Your


Introducing the best-kept secret for founders under 30 
who are running 6 or 7 figure companies…

This is your exclusive opportunity to join with like-minded, successful young leaders 
who are poised to change the world!

Are you a young entrepreneur who has already
achieved early success in your business, but now
you're wondering how to take it to the next level and
make a real impact on your industry?

Maverick NEXT is an invitation-only, global network of the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. Connecting in bold new ways to challenge and collectively win the year and beyond:

Maverick NEXT is the young entrepreneur community of Maverick1000.

Maverick1000 is a global network of 21st century business leaders who collide at the intersection of bold business initiatives, joy and greater meaning. They are successful entrepreneurs with industry-leading companies up to $100M+ in annual sales and are lighthouses across 91+ industries and marketplaces.

Maverick NEXT was created to develop the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow who will make a ripple effect of impact in the world.

Previous contributing icons of


Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Sara Blakely and Tony Hawk

Sir Richard Branson

Tony Hawk

Kara Goldin

Jesse James

Deepak Chopra

Tim Ferriss

Sally Hogshead

John Paul Dejoria

Leslie Blodgett

Tom Chi

Chip Conley

Chris Blackwell

Dr. Peter Diamandis

Morten Lund

Russell Simmons

Carl Banks

Frank Mckinney

Joe Sugarman

Sara Blakely

Brian Smith

If you believe you’re truly destined for greatness
(regardless of what background you’ve come from)...

…then Maverick NEXT was created to intentionally give you the push and support essential to accomplishing 
your biggest goals.

You can tap into other like-minded peers who really get where you’re going and where you’ve come from. 
Being “successful” at such an early age leads to its own set of unique challenges and opportunities so having

Maverick NEXT

provides a place to:

Quite frankly, the bigger the future you are working on creating, the more support, resources, trusted input, 
connections, and energy renewal you’ll need beyond the “ordinary.”

Who are these entrepreneurial
leaders of tomorrow?

Young, ambitious business leaders who come together at the intersection of bold business initiatives, 
happiness and greater meaning. At their core, they believe in growth, impact and joy…and how each 
one is interconnected.

Here are just some of our members…

Ravn Wiik

CEO and co-founder of Hawii Analyse, a proptech- and consultancy company based in Oslo, Norway. Used to work for Norway’s biggest bank

Antonia Alvarez

Antonia Alvarez started her first business at 14. She sold custom perfumery and dedicated 50% of its proceeds to a non-profit initiatives in education.

Bosley StFort

Chief Product Officer at Solar Blaze, which has helped thousands of US homes have gone solar. He has partnered with unicorn companies in the industry that currently have no other partners and has become a household name in the solar space.

Ashton Stoop

A designer, engineer and entrepreneur focused on creating assistive technology, such as prosthetic limbs, orthotic braces, and robotic exoskeletons.

David Zamarin

David Zamarin founded DetraPel, a manufacturer of proprietary protective coatings without any cancer-causing fluorochemicals (PFAS) and was seen on Season 9 of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.

Jester Schilder

At the ripe age of 19-year-old, Jester made the bold decision to leave college and founded a corporate communications agency which became a fixed supplier

Jhana Li

Jhana Li, Founder of Spyglass Ops, began her journey into Operations in an unconventional way, travelling full-time in a converted van across the Americas, before stumbling into her first COO role without knowing what Operations was.

Joakim Hjønnevåg

A versatile 22-year-old Norwegian entrepreneur. His journey began at age 11 when he won a car, sold it, and later invested the proceeds in Bitcoin.

Linda Hafstad

Linda Hafstad, Founder of Ekte Media, stands out in the marketing world for her unwavering commitment to authenticity.

Marko Lamza

Marko Lamza is a Maverick Next entrepreneur (under the age of 25) who built a company in mental healthcare industry. His company, Pinnacle Research

Monty Ngan

Monty Ngan, a serial founder, believes in play, authentic alignment & self-expression and genuine lasting relationships (often lacking in the transaction-driven founder community).

Tim Highnam

Former national champion athlete, former management consultant Deloitte, and the founder of the performance marketing agency Fission Advertising.

Tord Doennum

Tord Olav Doennum, a UC Berkeley alum from Norway, started his entrepreneurial path at 16 with Tor Sport, developing innovative ski goggles for Nordic winters, winning the BI Start Up Aid (2020).

Vilde Regine Solheim

CEO & Founder of Healthy EATS Vilde Regine visited over 100 countries before she turned 23 years old. This is how she gained knowledge about innovation, sustainability and technology from around the world. As a 24-year-old, she worked in a


The big idea is to grow alongside the NEXT set of Mavericks that make the biggest impact in the 
world. This is a group of front-line winners who are actively making a relentless effort to make a long-
term impact in the world.

People are Saying

What Can Maverick NEXT
Do For You?


Maverick NEXT is designed to help you grow yourself
and your business. It’s inevitable to have significant
income leaps from key connections, joint opportunities
and insider access from a community of fellow 6+
figure business owners who are happy to support you.


To date, Maverick has raised over $3,000,000+ in
charitable contributions. But even more powerful is
contributing your brain power, capabilities and
resources to work on some of the biggest global issues 
we can address through the leverage of business.


Members have access to truly transformational 
retreats, epic experiences, adventures and impact trips 
that are unique combinations of growth, impact, and 
play. There’s no doubt the synchronicities from putting 
together some of the brightest minds in different and 
unusual experiences will develop new resources, 
capabilities and connections you didn’t even know 

5 Reasons to Join

Maverick NEXT


High-level Networking Opportunities. You are surrounded by potential mentors and JV partners, connectors and resource providers within the curated Maverick network.


The Fun – This mastermind is unlike any other because we prioritize fun and incorporating as much as possible into your business.


Access to the Maverick Network – The relationships and memories you create in NEXT are ones that you will cherish forever. Whether it’s a significant business takeaway, an aha-moment, experiencing personal transformation or just incredible fun & laughter… You WILL walk away with some new life-long friends… deep connections and potential key partners…


You aren’t only surrounded by people who are your age but also by mentors and potential collaborators in the Maverick community that have built businesses that you want to build…


Make An Impact – surround yourself with people who are leveraging business to solve real world problems and make a true difference in people’s lives.

NEXTers on Necker Island
for the Impact Experience Event

Who NEXT is NOT for:

It’s important to ensure there’s a fit on both sides.

Here are people we actively screen-out:

Who Is The Current President?

The President is a NEXT member selected to further the interests of the group.

Yasmina Ellins is a dynamic entrepreneur with a deep rooted passion for 
entrepreneurship, psychology and optimizing human potential. With a 
Masters in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management from Imperial 
College London, and a Cambridge University education, she aims to 
leverage business as a force for good. 

Yasmina learnt early on that building the right relationships was the 
key to success, building a multimillion dollar network at just 22 
years old, now with 30+ multimillion dollar mentors at age 25. 
She has interviewed industry leaders, best selling authors 
and CEOs, such as the Founder of Reebok, and her speaking 
engagements have taken her to stages around the world, 
including Deloitte, the Financial Times and more. 

Yasmina’s expertise has helped countless entrepreneurs 
build win-win relationships with key influencers in their 
industries, including celebrity entrepreneurs, TED 
speakers, an Oscar-winning film director, a national 
Chief of Defence, and a Maroon 5 songwriter.

Yasmina’s mission with Maverick NEXT is to connect and 
support the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow in 
achieving their biggest business goals and making a 
positive impact on the world.

One of the Greatest Secrets is WHO
you Surround Yourself With…

If there’s one thing that changed their lives more than anything, it’s that you’re the average of the 5 people 
you spend the most time with.

You don’t join Maverick for another business mastermind. You join Maverick to connect with the ambitious 
friends, who truly “get you” and who will grow with you for the rest of your life.

We are intentional about keeping this a high-quality group of young entrepreneurs who are wired for growth, 
impact, and fun.

Your NEXT step is awaiting you…
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