NEXT offers many benefits to our members. While NEXT is a support network and created for your entrepreneurial growth and personal transformation, it’s ultimately up to you to take full advantage of the resources available to you here - we’re here to help your journey, but it also takes your own initiative to maximize your growth and experience here. The more you show up, the more you grow. Review the member benefits below to learn how to get the most out of your Maverick NEXT Membership. For questions, email


NEXT provides many opportunities to engage and build meaningful relationships with peers and community supporters.

  • Facebook Group
    The exclusive, invite-only Facebook group is highly curated in order to make sure NEXT’ers have a safe outlet to seek mentorship and advice. The group’s membership includes past speakers, Mavericks, and other supporters.
  • WhatsApp
    Often referred to the water cooler for NEXT, our Whatsapp group is rich with light hearted banter, and a way to keep tabs on other NEXT’ers, to get quick updates, to discuss current events, and to engage in what’s top of mind. This group is exclusively for NEXT Members.
  • Connections at events
    Many members of our community and our extended network are attending industry events throughout the year. There are often member curated dinners and mini events when people are in town to open opportunities to meet and engage.
  • Mentorship board (coming soon)
    Our Maverick Mentor board builds relationships between mentors and mentees. We are constantly curating world class mentors in service to your greater vision and calling around both personal and professional development at all stages of life and business.


  • Maverick Mentor Hangouts
    Once a month, we curate virtual events with industry leaders and subject matter experts to share fresh insights and perspectives to stimulate your growth. These are based on topics in most demand or to identify what you don’t know, often with opportunities for live Q&A, coaching and direct access to the mentors on the live classes.
  • Courses and other perks
    NEXT supporters donate and contribute their courses, books, and other resources in order to extend mentorship, education, and opportunities to leverage these gifts in service to your mission and to support you in the growth of your greatest self. We are constantly building our perks and our library of resources, both by request and by those that want to contribute. Here is a quick sampling of supporters and courses:
    • Evolved Business Blueprint
    • FoundersCard Discount (coming soon)
    • Maverick MBA Library
    • Copywriting Course
    • Instant Sales Letters
    • Monthly live class recordings
    • Underground Online Seminar Vault
    • Wake Up Productive
  • Live event recordings (Camp, NEXT Events, etc)
    We fully understand that it may not be feasible to attend all of our events. Most of our events are recorded and shared so you do not miss out on all the precious insights!
  • Office hours
    At least once a month, NEXT’s leadership team and other NEXT’ers hop on for a mastermind session to work through both personal and professional challenges of NEXT’ers. The power is truly in the collective experiences of our membership.
  • Consulting access
    As a NEXT member, each member receives a one on one annual session with Dima and / or Zion to discuss anything around your life and business. Together, they bring over 15 years of experience starting, scaling, consulting, and advising multiple early stage, 6, 7, 8, 9, and even 10 figure companies on topics such as personal development, culture, marketing strategy, hiring, scaling, partnerships and more. Learn more about how they can help: [link to Dima and Zion’s experiences]

    For further access and personal support, NEXT’ers also receive highly discounted consulting rates at $150/hr:


NEXT curates epic LIVE experiences, discounted for members. NEXT events are an opportunity for members to build deeper personal and professional relationships through powerful and unique experiences. These events remain highly exclusive and invite only in order to maintain high quality.

  • NEXT’Periences (1x - 2x / year)
  • Maverick Events
    • Camp Maverick
    • M3 Summit
    • Access to Epic Experiences

For the latest schedule of live events and experiences, check out


All member benefits are designed to facilitate your personal transformation into the best version of yourself to date as your write your next greatest entrepreneurial chapter.

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