Three Immersive Days To Write
The NEXT Greatest Chapter In Your Entrepreneurial Journey...

Join An Exclusive Group Of Maverick Mentors & Accomplished Peers To Help You Leap Forward Into The Ultimate Version Of Yourself, Propel Your Business To The Next Level… And Bring Your Most Meaningful (and Profitable) Mission To The Marketplace

FEBRUARY 6th - 8th, 2016

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already built a successful business.

You’ve made a good chunk of money.

You’ve gained a level of freedom for yourself and your life.

And you’ve even gained respect and recognition from others for the amazing work that you’ve done at such a young age.

And now you’re probably wondering... WHAT’S NEXT? And maybe there’s even a calling within you to step it in your path to greatness.

What do you need to do in order to take your company (and your life) to the NEXT level?

And what are the strategic moves you need to make in order to grow your business, make more money, add more meaning to what you’re doing, and spend less time working?

…So that you can finally get out of the daily grind of your business

…Free up your time and focus

...And begin to work on your deepest passions and purpose...

What Are The 3 Most Critical Things You Need To Do In Order To Grow Your Business and Work On The Projects That Are Most Inspiring And Fulfilling To You:

  1. The first thing you need to do is Step Into Greater Levels Of Leadership, both within yourself and within your company.
  2. The Second thing you need to do is build an inspired and empowered team that will support you in doing your greatest work in the world by doing all the stuff you don’t like to do…

    So that you can focus on ONLY the things that you’re BEST at, that make you the MOST money, and that bring you the greatest level of joy, happiness, and fulfillment when you do them
  3. Then, you need to begin to dream, design, blueprint and architect the next greatest chapter of your entrepreneurial journey.

    Here’s How To Use The 4 Pillars of “Entrepreneurial Artistry” To Design, Blueprint And Architect The Next Greatest Chapter of Your Entrepreneurial Journey

    During these three days, we’ll be diving deep into the four core questions that you must answer to design your greatest future business and lifestyle, in an integrated way, where they all serve each other and allow you to live a life of total fun, adventure and freedom that your heart most deeply longed for when you started your business in the first place.

    I call these four core questions The 4 Pillars of “Entrepreneurial Artistry”

    Maybe you already have a rough idea of some of these answers for yourself.

    But until you invest the time and energy to truly get clear on what you MOST want to create, you will struggle to find your most meaningful, abundant, and fulfilling personal path in life and business.

    However, once you allow yourself to receive guidance from your greatest self on these
    4 questions, you will be filled with clarity on what your next greatest step is in business...

    And you’ll finally be able to design your business in a way that gives you the freedom to pursue that fully, in a way that lights you up and makes you happy and fulfilled.

    Answering these 4 questions will be the primary focus of our time together in San Diego.

    These will become the four pillars that you use to design, blueprint and architect your personal next greatest chapter in both life and business.

    The Four Questions Are…

    Why? What? Who? How?

    We’ll obviously go into a lot more detail into these 4 questions at the event (and on our first exploration call together before the event). However, this is a quick glimpse into the work we’ll be doing together…

    1. Why? - Why are you doing what you’re doing? What drives you? What are your core passions? What change do you want to see in the world through your life and your work?

    “Those who have a ‘why’ can bear almost any ‘how’...” - Viktor Frankl

    2. What? - What are you creating as the profitable expression of your Why? What does your ideal business look like? What is your product, your message, your gift to the world which brings you a great economic return and personal fulfillment? What is your most effective business model and market strategy?

    We’ll work evolving your current business, or possibly even re-inventing and re-imagining a whole new one, in deep alignment with your personal “why” and your unique ability.

    3. Who? - Who do you have to become in order to live out your greatest entrepreneurial expression? What self-set limitations is it time to let go of? What does your day look like - your rituals, your structure, your accountability, your attitude, your fitness - and does it serve your most fulfilled and empowered life and greatest business success?

    You can have all the perfect answers and best strategies in the world, but they’ll be nearly worthless if you haven’t stepped into leader who can walk the path.

    4. How? - How do you actually bring your passion, purpose, and best self profitably to the marketplace in a way that aligns with your unique ability and desired lifestyle? What business systems, strategies, and culture are in your organization? How do you build and empower a team to support you in doing your greatest work in the world?

    We’ll dive into modalities like Traction’s EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), Yanik’s Evolved Enterprise and the Rockefeller Habits to architect your “how” in a way that works for your particular organization. You’ll walk away with specific action steps and immediately implementable strategies.

    Why I Believe This Is Single-Handedly The Best Investment You Can Make In Yourself In Your Mid-20’s

    I couldn’t imagine a higher multiplied return on investment - in terms profits, impact, and happiness - than committing yourself to diving into this deep work.

    Although this will be very meaningful, rewarding, and profitable - this won’t be an easy journey.

    It will require you to really put in the work. To be vulnerable. To step outside of your comfort zone. To transcend some of the beliefs you hold that made you who you are today… and possibly even to let go of your ego long enough to find and embrace the unique self, the power and purpose, that will empower the entrepreneurial artist within you to your greatest expression.

    I’ll be your guide, facilitator and peer on this journey into our greatness together.

    Like you, at a young age I had the feeling that I was meant to do something great with my life… and I’ve continued to pursue that intuitive calling, and it has lead me to incredible places in life.

    How Answering These 4 Simple Questions Unexpectedly Transformed My Life And My Business Over The Last 12 Months...

    This past year alone…

    With my partner, I’ve built my primary company, Vision Tech Team, to nearly a million in revenue in its second year in business while intentionally designing it to serve a market I love, become a creative expression for myself and my team, and support my lifestyle and pursuit of my purpose.

    I’ve built Maverick NEXT as my greatest expression of my purpose to date, and my greatest joy and impact… and it’s still only the beginning, a foundation that truly has the power to change the world through changing the way business is played for generations to come.

    I partnered with Yanik to successfully launch his Evolved Enterprise book and re-launch his publishing company with a renewed purpose, impacting thousands of entrepreneurs… personally taking a leadership role in an industry where I had very limited experience, while still building my other companies.

    While driving and growing multiple companies, I’ve also created my dream life…

    I’ve traveled the country and the world with countless adventures, meaningful memories, and unforgettable experiences…

    … I live by the ocean in La Jolla, at the core of a conscious community of hundreds of loving people, having thrown some of the most amazing parties they’ve ever experienced. I’ve both contributed and received so much love and learning within this community.

    … I’ve gotten into the best shape of my life to date and feel healthy and vibrant daily. I’ve picked up the life-changing sport of boxing, and have integrated yoga and meditation into my daily routine.

    … I traveled to Peru with a small group of accomplished, purpose driven entrepreneurs to learn from plant medicines, an experience which forever changed my world perspective, my sense of purpose, and the way I lead with love.

    … I’ve rediscovered my passion for spoken word “flowetry”, with performances and standing ovations with crowds of hundreds.

    I live a truly fulfilling life of purpose, filled with joy and growth, with an ever-evolving entrepreneurial career that artistically expresses my deepest self.

    And yet, I am only 26 years old. I have much to learn, and a long journey ahead of me.

    I humbly invite you to join me, along with a select group of Maverick Mentors, in discovering your own best life as we re-invent, re-imagine, and re-create your business to express your next greatest entrepreneurial chapter.

    If you’re ready for your next chapter, click here to register, and I’ll see you on our first call shortly and in San Diego right after…

    I guarantee your life will change from the material and the deep connections of other peers here...

    Who Else Will Be There?

    Maverick NEXT is a group of some of the most accomplished young entrepreneurs from around the world who all have one major thing in common: their futures are exponentially bigger than their past accomplishments.

    The young entrepreneurs in NEXT have achieved success in a wide variety of industries, including: mobile app development, information marketing, health & fitness, online education, e-commerce, retail product distribution, entertainment, affiliate marketing, business brokerage, local services, and many more.

    What do I “get” when I register?

    Registration to the NEXT Chapter Mastermind includes:

    • The full 3 day immersive NEXT Chapter Mastermind event.
    • Unique activities and experiences during the mastermind designed to challenge you physically and support you spiritually.
    • Fully covered Meals during the length of the entire event (including 3 full lunches and 3 full dinners), ranging from custom catered lunches from an artistic local chef to luxury dinners in La Jolla.
    • A “cross generational mentorship” mastermind dinner with a select group of Maverick Mentors who have “been there, done that” and want to contribute to YOUR next greatest entrepreneurial chapter. (All Maverick members run industry dominating firms generating millions of dollars in revenue.)
    • A ticket to Internet Marketing Party on Monday February 8th to celebrate the weekend and network with top marketers from around the world

    You’ll Also Get A Unique And Unexpected Surprise Bonus From Me To Help You Get The Most From This Experience...

    When you register for this exclusive mastermind today, you’ll also get 3 hours of 1-on-1 calls with me (1 before the event, another within 30 days of the event, and a 3rd within 90 days of the event)

    Aside from working with and providing high-level direction for clients such as John Assaraf, Eben Pagan, Yanik Silver, JJ Virgin, and many others - I’ve also done a specific kind of consulting with a select handful of NEXT Members and other young entrepreneurs. I have a unique knack for bridging key strategic growth concepts and supporting the unique needs of young entrepreneurs (since I am one of you).

    Here’s what a few of these remarkable young achievers have to say…

    “Not only has Dmitriy guided and supported my evolution into my best self to date, he’s also supported me in building a management team to free myself to do my best work. Everytime we talk, he inspires me to do greater work, and gives me increased clarity on my next steps. I’ve tried many times to convince him to do more paid consulting - if you have the rare opportunity to work with him on this level, I highly recommend it.”

    Kevin Kurgansky Kevin Kurgansky,

    “With the help of Dmitriy’s guidance I've exponentially increased the sales revenue of my services agency and my personal income. I'm now generating $25,000 a month in each of 2 businesses consistently and on track to hit 7 figures in the next 12 months [...] I strongly recommend him as a person to follow and get guidance from in the world of business.. Not only does he personally have the results to back up his advice, but he's also masterful with cultivating and maintaining profitable relationships in a way that inspires trust, sustainable revenue and goodwill. Being able to learn from him should be considered an incredible gift.”

    Brendan Davis Bren Davis, Impact Digital

    “Where do I even begin? I've never had a conversation regarding my business with Dmitriy that didn't result in increased clarity for what needed to be done and resolve for making it happen. A conversation with him is always a dose of inspiration and belief coupled with a clear plan of action. He has been and continues to be an advisor for our company, helping us go from zero to high six figures in revenue. I consider him one of my closest business partner and friend. If you're looking for help in your company, Dmitriy's business knowledge, experience, and vast network will benefit you tremendously.”

    Larry Yu Larry Yu, SimplePosture

    “Guided by Dmitriy as my business coach, the most unique and powerful aspect of his guidance is the spiritual, personal , and business connection that all become one. Dmitriy is always encouraging you to find ways to break your current personal and business comfort zone levels, and dive deeper into becoming a more spiritual, personal, and business success. Every time I talk with Dmitriy he has a power of making everything seem so clear, he cuts the garbage, and allows me to simplify my business on only 2-3 core things that really matter. Dmitriy’s guidance provides the clarity I have personally been needing to scale my business.”

    Michael Matthes, CrossFit2M

    “Dmitry has the knack of being able to offer concise yet powerful advise that truly zooms into and dissolves my toughest business challenges. Because of his highly condensed experience as an entrepreneur and his network, I often walk away with the right battle plan to attack my business in under 30 minutes or less. I can’t stress enough the value Dmitry offers.”

    Matthew Samoohi Matthew Samoohi

    "Dmitriy has been an incredible mentor and friend who has always inspired me to achieve greatness, dream big, and make it happen! I was so blessed to have his expertise and guidance and as I launch my personal brand, a weekly podcast interviewing today's most innovative physicians. Dmitriy's strategies allowed me to grow my brand and expertise in the healthcare community, achieve thousands of downloads for my podcast, speak at three top healthcare conferences, and get offers to join the most innovative companies in healthcare. Dmitriy has a brilliant way of helping you to take your passion and build a top level personal brand to share your mission with the world!"

    Gregory Goodman Gregory Goodman, M.D., Founder and Host of The ModernMD

    But it’s not limited to young entrepreneurs either, Maverick1000 member, Damien Zamora of GoMobile Solutions, has this to report back:

    “The consulting Dmitriy gave us around building our international team literally transformed our company and has been worth millions. His guidance on a single job ad alone was worth at least six figures. He has empowered us to build a highly effective, cohesive and financially efficient team, which has given us a huge competitive advantage in our market.”

    Damien Zamora Damien Zamora, GoMobile Solutions

    Which Maverick Mentors are attending the dinner and event?

    While I am still working on a final roster, here’s a sneak peek at some of the mentors confirmed…

    • James Brennan, founder of Enlightened Hospitality Group, with a multiple 9 figure valuation (portfolio companies include SUJA Juice, Searsucker, and Herringbone). We’ll host the Mentor Dinner at James’ Herringbone restaurant.
    • Chuck Longanecker, founder of one of the world’s top design agencies Digital Telepathy
    • Yanik Silver, founder of Maverick EcoVerse and author of Evolved Enterprise
    • Jayson Gaignard, successful entrepreneur, top networker, and founder of MastermindTalks
    • Travis Houston, successful entrepreneur and CEO of
    • Kent Clothier, successful entrepreneur and real estate investor at
    • Other hand picked Maverick Mentors excited to support your personal evolution with their expertise, experience, and networks.

    Where will the NEXT Chapter Mastermind take place?

    You’ll spend the majority of the three days at my house in La Jolla, masterminding in my living room and on my patio, with luxury dinners at unique restaurants in the neighborhood.

    Note: you’ll have to secure your own lodgings. We will make suggestions for nearby hotels and AirBnB options shortly after your registration.

    How much does The NEXT Chapter Mastermind cost?

    Of course, this requires a commitment of your time and attention. Otherwise what’s the point? However because of the unique position of Maverick NEXT we have subsidized your tuition to make this extremely affordable and easily worth 10X your investment.

    In fact, it’s an absolute bargain for NEXT’ers.

    The member price is only $1295 for the full three days, which includes your meals for the 3 days, all activities, the event fee, and the personal coaching.

    However, I want to give you an extra incentive for registering early, so that I can plan as much of the sessions as possible around each members’ unique circumstances, so if you register by January 1st, your cost is only $995.

    If cash is a little tight there’s also an option for 2 payments of $550 (but only if you register by January 1st).

    This event is limited to only 20 spots (primarily reserved for members).

    This is not some scarcity tactic to get you to sign up early, although I do believe we’ll sell out and encourage you grab a spot early so we can schedule our first coaching session in advance. I really am intentionally limiting this to a small and intimate group to maintain the integrity of our time together and for maximum connection and personalized attention.

    (Note: We may accept a handful of qualified guests at a discounted rate of $1495+ … if you have a referral, email me an intro at


    The cost of NOT doing this…

    I truly believe that getting clear on your path and doing the work it takes to step into that can be one of the greatest investments you make in yourself and your business at this age. Whether at The NEXT Chapter Mastermind or on your own, doing this work can save you years of heading in a direction that doesn’t align with that you truly want out our entrepreneurial journey. In the long run, it can mean the difference in millions of dollars of profits, but more importantly priceless personal fulfillment in your most precious years of youth.

    Is this some ‘hippy spiritual’ thing? I’ve heard you’re into that stuff…

    No, although I do personally believe there’s a ‘spiritual’ component to living out your best life and doing your greatest work. We’ll focus on actionable work that you will apply to your actual life, business, and personal path to greatness.

    Will there be tactical content like other NEXT Events?

    We’ll focus on strategy on day 3, but you won’t see the traditional ‘tactical’ marketing or business content you may have experienced at other events. Most attendees are heading to Traffic and Conversion Summit after for that very thing… instead, the NEXT Chapter Mastermind will be a great break from the details to get your bigger picture clear.

    Can I still go to T&C with NEXT’ers and Mavericks if I don’t come to this event?

    Absolutely - even though this is back to back with T&C, I understand that it’s not for everyone, and if you choose not to attend the NEXT Chapter Mastermind, we’ll still see you at Internet Marketing Party and T&C throughout the week.

    How much time will we have with the mentors?

    The Maverick Mentors will be at the dinner, and a handful will support us in the sessions of the three days… through this mastermind will be primarily focused on YOU and YOUR answers, and will thus have less mentor-driven content and interaction than a typical NEXT event.

    Can I go for part of it?

    I’m designing The NEXT Chapter Mastermind as a fully immersive experience, and you will get the most from it if you commit to the entire event. Please plan to attend the entire thing. Get your work done ahead of time, and come with plenty of rest. These days just might be some of the most important of your whole year.

    Still have questions? Need help deciding if this is right for you? Email me or call me to discuss. I’m committed to ensuring that everyone who can truly benefit from this makes it.


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