Maverick NEXT Referral Contest!

The value of the NEXT Network grows with each quality member, and so does our collective impact. By far the BEST way to expand this unique group is through your direct recommendations, to ensure we bring in the best members in terms of their culture fit, accomplishments, and contribution to the community.

After several requests from existing members, we’re creating an official referral contest!

What’s in it for you? (other than growing and improving this amazing community from the inside out, that is)

We’ll pay for your ticket to the Maverick M3 Summit! (check out the details here)

For the grand prize, we’ll even pay for your housing at Summit!

Here’s how it works…

You get referral credits for two things:

  • 1

    Refer a new NEXT Member that joins


  • 2

    Refer a Camp Maverick attendee

    (does not have to be 25 and under and no revenue requirement; any entrepreneur that you think might be a good fit)

You get 1 point for each.

For the NEXT’er with the most referral points (minimum 5), we’ll pay for your ticket to Maverick M3 Summit and your housing!

For the NEXT’er with the second most referral points (minimum 3), we’ll pay for your ticket to Maverick M3 Summit.

If two members are tied, the first one there wins!

Contest dates:

5/1/15* - 11/1/2015


To refer a NEXT Member, send an introduction to Dima or have them pre-apply at

To refer someone to Camp Maverick, *privately* give them the VIP link, which also gives them $1000+ off of the price: ($2295 and covers everything)

To share publicly on your social media profiles or groups, please use only this link: or head over to to make yourself an affiliate account (if you’d like to share with a larger audience or email list, we offer a $700 affiliate commission for anyone who buys at the current retail price of $3295)

If you have any questions at all, or want any support in making referrals, contact Dima directly. We’re excited to have your support in growing NEXT and the Maverick Community at Camp!

With Love & Gratitude,

Dima & Yanik