A Resounding Call to Assemble The Globe’s Most Impactful Entrepreneurs, Visionary Leaders and Co-Creators…

  • John MackeyCo-Founder and Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market
  • Sir Richard BransonVirgin Billionaire Founder
  • Tony HsiehCEO, Zappos.com, Inc.
  • Arianna HuffingtonPresident and Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post Media Group
  • Ken WilberAuthor, The Integral Vision / Founder, Integral Institute
  • Lynne TwistAuthor, Soul of Money
  • Marc GafniWorld Spirituality Leader Co-Founder Center for Integral Wisdom
  • John GrayAuthor Men Are From Mars, Woman Are From Venus
  • Eben PagenInternet Marketing Guru
  • Tony SchwartzTony Schwartz - CEO, The Energy Project
  • Maranda PleasantFounder/Editor, Origin Magazine
  • Dave LoganCo-author, Tribal Leadership, USC/Marshall School of Business
  • Warren FarrellAuthor, The Myth of Male Power
  • Ian SomerhalderActor, Lost & Vampire Diaries, Activist
  • Paul Miller "DJ Spooky"Composer, Writer & Musician
  • Yanik SilverFounder, Maverick Business Adventures

“Business as Usual isn’t working.”

– Sir Richard Branson

There’s no doubt - we’ve come to a transformative shift…

What’s worked before is no longer an option. The trappings of illusionary success that got us to this point are not sufficient to guide our society into a thriving future.

It’s time for a new conversation for the 21st century.

An opportunity for global thought leaders to re-think, re-work and re-imagine the collective narrative defining success as more than simply maximizing one bottom line.

You’re being summoned for your talents, capabilities and gifts to help open up a new era of evolved entrepreneurship dawning. You’re needed as an ambassador to lift and transform the notion of what success looks like and can represent.

You are invited to take your place at the
Success 3.0 Summit

Success 3.0 Summit is an opportunity for global thought leaders to come together and explore evolved distinctions of success that inextricably include personal well-being and happiness, empowerment of subjugated peoples, restoration of vital ecosystems and innovation of new systems, technologies and paradigms that champion universal abundance.

Gather together to experience conversations about these critical issues, lead by some of the most passionate, successful and innovative thought leaders on the planet including Sir Richard Branson, Tony Hsieh, XX, XXX and XXX.  Hosted by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods and co-author of Conscious Capitalism, this Summit has attracted those who care most about this dialogue and the collective work required to actualize these ideals.

It’s time to awaken the other transformers.

“Imagine a business that is born out of a dream about how the world could be and should be.”

– John Mackey

This invitation-only event is for leaders who are ready to step into their true destiny of greatness. And if you’re reading this, you’ve already demonstrated you are a torchbearer for re-defining success in the 21st century. Together, we can collectively create the tipping point to catalyze culture and raise awareness for individuals, families, communities and organizations inspired to develop their own higher levels of vision and purpose.

It’s the moment to step forward aligning every part of your mind, body and soul.

Together, impactful entrepreneurs, visionaries and changer makers can liberate the extraordinary power of business to co-create a world in which all people live lives full of purpose, love and creativity – a world of compassion, freedom and prosperity. And it doesn’t have to be an ‘expense’.

Fact is, there is remarkable research showing these expanded models of business as a multiplier for good, serving all stakeholders actually increases your profits.

Your challenge is to continually expand your vision of who you are and what your venture can evolve into. Your example becomes the catalyst for multitudes of others in your industry, community and marketplace. But even better, it’s amplified and leveraged by the ever-widening circles of circles, networks of networks and collective voice resonating from other select attendees at Success 3.0 Summit.

Only 350 Invitations

You have a unique role to play in creating a prosperous future. If you are serious about participating in solving the problems of today and building a flourishing future, we want you to be with us.

Come connect and build relationships with new friends and new collaborators. Come be inspired and empowered by the evolutionary insights that will be revealed.  Come share your passion, your courage, your unique gifts and your unique perspectives on what society must prioritize as we pioneer the future together.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Now is the time.

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