You’re invited to the Third Annual NEXT Chapter Mastermind

March 1st - 4th, 2018

Three Days For Your Epic Entrepreneurial Emergence Through Legendary Leadership, Leverage, and Legacy

In observing NEXT Members over the past year, I’ve noticed two major trends in the entrepreneurial evolution of many of you…

  • You’re at the 7 figure mark (or close to it), you’re aiming for multiple 7 or 8 figures with a greater reach, profit, and impact. You know that to grow to that level sustainably, you require greater systems and structure in all areas of your business through an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). To effectively put this in place and lead your company through your next growth phase, you need to step up your leadership game, to learn delegation of leadership (that is, recruiting, training, and leading leaders), and to upgrade the “people systems” you have in your organization.
  • You’ve recently exited (sold) your main venture or are currently in the process of exiting. You have some freedom and flexibility, along with a calling to do something greater than you’ve ever done before. Something that’s more aligned with your legacy (whether or not you have that defined). You know that your next venture will call forth a greater leader within you than anything you’ve created to date, and what you choose to build next matters even more than how you do it and whether it’s “successful” or not.

The NEXT Chapter Mastermind Is Custom Tailored For Your Goals


This is an invitation to intentionally cultivate your next greatest entrepreneurial chapter, whether you’re looking for accelerated growth in your existing business or you’re stepping into something new.

I’d tell you all about the “content” we’re going to cover and the mentors we’ll bring in… but I can’t, because so much of this mastermind will be custom curated based on the specific collective and individual challenges and opportunities in your path right now and your goals for your future.

As with previous NEXT Chapter Masterminds, we’ll have a detailed intake process before the event and preparation to maximize the experience and evolution when we get together in person.

However, my promise to you is that you will have an epic experience that you will never forget, including meaningful memories with fellow NEXT’ers and accelerated evolution in your leadership. Here’s some of what you CAN expect when you commit to the NEXT Chapter Mastermind:

  • An all-inclusive retreat at a mansion in the San Diego area, including accommodations and gourmet meals from a private chef.
  • Experiences and adventures for joy, bonding, and growth (previously we’ve flowed in hot air balloons, trained in boxing with pro fighters, jumped out of planes together, rode ATV’s in the mountains, and many others).
  • Hands-on leadership workshops with a focus on company culture, organizational structures and systems, management, and other areas to support you in significantly scaling your company.
  • Deep and intentional personal growth work designed to equip you with greater clarity in your vision, empower you to be a better leader for your company, and live a more fulfilled life with greater freedom. As with the business workshops, this will be practice, not theory.
  • Dedicated attention and time from me (Dima) personally to support your business and personal evolution, as well as from Zion.
  • Rejuvenating retreat time to decompress from day-to-day work (and from the hustle of T&C, if you’re going before), so that you can do your greatest work here from a place of peace and relaxation while bonding with your tribe.
  • Several days of close bonding and masterminding with other NEXT’ers.
  • After seeing who is committed to attending and reviewing intake, the experience will be more closely curated to fit the specific needs of the members attending.

This is for you if you’re looking to make a significant leap in your business growth in the coming year (especially through greater leadership) OR if you’re looking to discover what’s next for you.

If you’re committed, I promise this will be an experience that you will never forget, and the personal and entrepreneurial evolution you get from this will pay dividends for years to come.

However, if you’re not looking to scale significantly, or looking for greatness in your next venture, then this probably isn’t for you (which is totally okay).

The final cost for this all-inclusive mastermind retreat will be $2995 for members (and will likely be $3995 if we open it to any guests).

The early bird price is $2495 if you register by January 11th.

The super early bird price is $1995 if you register by December 1st 15th.

My reason for the significant discounts for registering early is that I want plenty of time to focus on custom catering the experience in advance, with your intake forms and hangouts in advance with committed members. Including preparation, this is really more of a program than a single event. We'll start with a couple of group coaching hangouts.

I don’t want to remind (or chase) people to register, but rather to focus my time on committed members.

I’m looking for 12 - 14 NEXT Members to maximize this intimate mastermind. I’m open to more, but will probably cap it at 16 attendees or less.

I look forward to seeing you in at a beautiful retreat home in San Diego to support your next greatest entrepreneurial chapter in March!


Thursday, March 1st - Afternoon Arrivals
Friday, March 2nd - NEXT Chapter Mastermind
Saturday, March 3rd - NEXT Chapter Mastermind
Sunday, March 4th - Departures

Super Early Bird Registration

To your future,

Dima Kozlov

P.S. - With me getting “older” and focusing on the growth of my other ventures, this may be my last personally fully dedicated NEXT event. I’ll continue to be involved with future events and membership… but this third NEXT Chapter Mastermind truly feels like my ‘legacy’ NEXT event, and I intend on giving it my all in highest service of your growth.

Your Beautiful Retreat Center

Last July I attended a transformational retreat called Lineij at this gorgeous home. I fell in love with it and felt a clear calling to host our next mastermind here.

Between the breath-taking views (of mountains, the ocean, downtown San Diego, and Mexico) from the 2200 ft elevation in the mountains, to the edgeless infinity pool and hot tub, to the elegance and unique design of every part of the property inside and out, this will be the perfect space to enjoy rejuvenation and connection with each other while writing your NEXT greatest entrepreneurial chapter.

Check out some of the photos here:

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You may have some questions, I’ve done my best to anticipate with the answers below. If you still have questions about whether this is right for you, please reach out to me personally and I’m happy to chat.

Why is this more expensive than previous NEXT Events?

First - this is an all-inclusive experience, with all food and accommodations included, raising our hard costs. With a small group attending, we want to ensure enough funds to make this the best possible experience for you.

Second, transparently, NEXT events have typically been unprofitable and a labor of love and service for all involved. We want this one to be healthier for the organization and for those investing our time in putting it on.

Third, you’ve evolved in your businesses to a stage where a few thousand dollars for an investment in your growth like this is hopefully an easy choice with a huge and clear ROI.

This is AFTER Traffic and Conversion Summit (unlike previous years where it was before). What’s up with that? Won’t some people be exhausted and possibly hung over?

It was important to do this back to back with T&C to maximize everyone’s travel efforts, but my schedule made it impossible to do it beforehand. March 1st will start in the later afternoon and be a rejuvenating evening to decompress from T&C and get ready for the weekend ahead. The entire event - while focused on accelerated growth - will be less “intense” than last year’s mastermind and have more time for rest, with the intention of doing your greatest work from a space of peace.

Are we doing this at your house again?

No, while I’d love to hold a retreat at my home again, we are renting a beautiful retreat-style mansion in the greater San Diego area with enough beds to sleep everyone comfortably. We are exploring several options currently and will let you know (and send pics!) once we finalize a space.

How do I know that the content will be valuable for me?

I’ll customize the experiential workshops to be most relevant to everyone attending. If you’re wondering about whether this is right for you, reach out and let’s chat. If you’re looking to scale, step up your leadership game, or discover what’s next for you, this is probably the right place to be.

What's the agenda?

We'll have more details coming soon for attendees. Here's what you need to know for now:

March 1st: afternoon arrival, with an opportunity for rejuvenation, connection, and intention setting for the event.

March 2 - 3: morning till evening mastermind focus.

March 4th: Farewell breakfast and departures.

10319 Westlake Drive #182 Bethesda, MD 20817 | Phone: 240-744-0165 | Fax: 1-240-220-4426