January 10-12, 2019

Patterns of Genius

This year's theme is: Patterns of Genius.

Why do some people have brilliant thoughts and industry-defining ideas, while others flounder?

Is there a secret to inspired innovation on-demand? A way to be a visionary thinker but with practical applications? And is there a creative way to make all of this good for the greater collective?

This will be our focus during the annual summit.

One of our special guests joining us will be Arjuna Ardagh. Arjuna has written the highly regarded book, "Radical Brilliance" based on hundreds of interviews across 15 years of interviews with 400+ scientists, artists, musicians, inventors and social architects.

Arjuna has been honing these ideas all over the world, including speaking at Google and at the United Nations. His overriding concept of the "Brilliance Cycle" will astound you where the best creative ideas come from, how to conceptualize them and how to get unstuck!

Plus, conversations will veer into exploring topics around cutting-edge research into brain chemistry, nutrition, "biohacking" and "brilliant substances."

More Guest speaker soon to be announced.

Cartagena is one of the most exquisite and colorful colonial cities in Latin America. Nestled on the Caribbean coast, this living city's historic history merges with the vibrant food and bustling nightlife. There's reason Cartagena has become of the hottest tourist locations for adventurous travelers.

To experience all this gorgeous Colombian city has to offer is to fall in love with the contradictions of a well-preserved colonial history and new colorful architecture. The juxtaposition of hand-cobbled streets and modern facilities. Or the magical sunrises bracketed by the pulsing nightlife.

Home base is a safe spot in the Bocagrande District, where shops, dining, and entertainment are just steps away.

What is the M3 Summit?

The Maverick M3 Summit is a culmination of all things Maverick combining our 3 core pillars of Growth, Fun and Impact. This annual gathering of Mavericks and participating icons is unlike any other 'normal' business conference.


Here's what's happened before:

Growth Sessions

GROWTH MULTIPLIER – workshop experience with unique conversations and discussions with Maverick members, business icons and thought leaders.

Get invaluable feedback on your biggest opportunities or new business ideas from your peers. Plus, receive invaluable content and resources you need to become a better leader, build a more engaged culture and significantly add to your bottom line. You can’t help but experience growth and a direct ROI from the shared insights here. Right now Maverick members represent leaders in over 91+ different marketplaces and industries.

Growth sessions are a mix of informal conversations, topic-focused panels, big-idea presentations and roundtable discussions. And that’s not even counting the powerful relationships and meaningful connections that happen outside the room. It’s truly anything but business as usual.


Together we are able to catalyze resources, capital, and mentorship to use entrepreneurial thinking and business as the ultimate lever to make a difference.

10% of all Maverick1000 membership dues go into a joint Impact fund to co-create a significant ripple effect in alignment with one key Global Goal throughout the year. For 2018 we tackled Global Goal #14: Life Below Water. In Cartagena we will announce 2019's focus.

To date, we've raised over $3,000,000+ in charitable contributions... but even more powerful is contributing our brainpower, resources, and network to exponentially increase our total impact.

Maverick members regularly have the opportunity to make a measurable difference with our collective entrepreneurial resources by working with cause partners and/or mentoring new mission-driven startups.

We've previously worked on big issues like developing self-sustaining economic engines for villages we've built in Haiti, helping to develop educational programs for protecting the headwaters of the Amazon, and aiding returning vets with entrepreneurial opportunities as well as global issues such as the declining bee population, the recent refugee crisis, and many more.

Maverick Mayhem...Yes there might be a little bit of fun too!

Previously Mavericks have partaken in a slumber party in an authentic Mayan village being guests at Chris Blackwell's private farm and integrating into an authentic Rasta village.

For this year's Summit you'll just have to wait to see what's in store for you...

There's an entire host of activities and experiences we're working on selecting from the unique cultural activities and incredible adventures awaiting you.

Maverick Mayhem
Maverick Mayhem


Jan. 9

Arrivals and Welcome Reception

Jan. 10-12

M3 Summit Sessions and Experiences

Jan. 13


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What NEXTers Say

My favourite thing about M3 Summit, and the Maverick network, is the time I get to spend with the amazing people I’m lucky to call friends. I can recall two conversations last year that inadvertently changed the direction of my business in 2017, and have helped me to succeed in growing my business in a direction I didn’t even consider before. All from just sitting round, talking shop over beers by the pool.

- Josh Dunlop

The M3 Summit (like all Maverick events) transformed both my personal and business life. I've already booked my flights to the next M3 summit and I strongly suggest you do too.

- Sarah Chrisp

Maverick M3 Summit is an accelerator-in-paradise event that over delivers at every step. M3 Summit combines top-tier business strategies, deep connections with driven and passionate entrepreneurs, and incredible excursions in fascinating parts of the world to create a unique soul-level entrepreneurial experience.

- Dan Russell

I had an awesome time at my first Maverick M3 Summit last year! It was really cool to tour around the Big Island (including seeing a volcano), hear a few different business sessions, and my favorite part was all the new connections with other maverick members.

- Michael Shen

M3 Summit is one of those rare events that has the perfect combination of successful soulful entrepreneurs, lots of fun and adventure and great content. It's a must for anyone looking for high level, high ROI events.

- Austin Felton