Attention Successful Young Entrepreneurs Under 30

“Are You Poised To Write The NEXT (And Potentially Greatest) Chapter Of Your Entrepreneurial Success Story?”

This is your exclusive invitation to join with like-minded, successful
young leaders who are poised to change the world!

Introducing the best-kept secret for founders under 30 who are running 6 & 7-figure companies…

Maverick NEXT is an invitation-only, global network of the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. Connecting in bold new ways to challenge and collectively win 2022 and beyond:

If you believe you’re truly destined for greatness (regardless of what background you’ve come from) then Maverick NEXT was created to intentionally give you the push and support essential to accomplishing
your biggest goals.

You can tap into other like-minded peers who really get where you’re going and where
you’ve come from. Being “successful” at such an early age leads to its own set of unique
challenges and opportunities so having a peer group is critical.

Maverick NEXT provides you a place to:

Plus, you connect with an ecosystem of Maverick Mentors who have each built 7-9 figure businesses from the ground up!

Quite frankly, the bigger the future you are working on creating, the more support, resources, trusted input, connections, and energy renewal you’ll need beyond the “ordinary.

Who are these

Entrepreneurial Leaders

of tomorrow?

Young, ambitious business leaders who come together at the intersection of bold
business initiatives, happiness and greater meaning. At their core, they believe in
growth, impact and joy…and how each one is interconnected.

Why Maverick NEXT?

The big idea is to grow alongside the NEXT set of Mavericks that make the biggest
impact in the world. This is a group of front-line winners who are actively making a
relentless effort to make a long-term impact in the world.
  • "Maverick NEXT led me to my partnership with RainCatcher, the company that I will be running of rate rest of my life… on track to do $1M in profit."

    Jock Purtle

  • "The experience has completely changed my life and connected me with some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I am humbled by the people I am now surrounded with and the billions of lives that will be impacted by your own creation and your facilitation."

    Zion Kim
    Tech Entrepreneur

  • “I've been reflecting on the past year, and nearly everything good in my life stems back to you and NEXT. Thank you Dmitriy."

    Anthony Balduzzi
    Fit Father Project

  • “You'll be able to meet people that you will never be able to meet elsewhere and make such deep connections. The biggest thing that NEXT has brought me is the fact that I made a long lifelong friends for this community…it is a game changer.”

    Eric Yang

  • “I joined NEXT several years ago and it instantly became my entrepreneur family. I was able to hang out with people on my level and share challenges that nobody else in my life seemed to be facing. NEXT created an environment of vulnerability and growth, and it led me to run a better business and become a more balanced entrepreneur. If you're a young entrepreneur trying to scale up and meet people who are on the same path you are, joining NEXT is the best possible decision you can make.”

    Dan Russell

  • “Meeting other young like minded entrepreneurs on the same page that want to go big in life that created awesome accountability and pushed the edges of what I thought was possible for me, my leadership and my business. The Maverick community is full of inspiring social entrepreneurs and mentors that are playing big and are inspiring to be around. Everytime I went to a Maverick event I left with new friends, world class memories, a new perspective on what I thought were my biggest challenges, AND an overall excitement and energy to go tackle them.”

    Chandler Perog

What Can Maverick NEXT Do For You?


Maverick NEXT is designed to help you grow yourself and your business. It’s inevitable to have significant income leaps from key connections, joint opportunities and insider access from a community of fellow 6+ figure business owners who are happy to support you.


A portion of your Maverick member fees go into a joint  impact fund to co-create a significant ripple effect.

To date, Maverick has raised over $3,000,000+ in charitable contributions. But even more powerful is contributing your brain power, capabilities and resources to work on some of the biggest global issues we can address through the leverage of business. 


Members have access to truly transformational retreats, epic experiences, adventures and impact trips that are unique combinations of growth, impact, and play. There’s no doubt the synchronicities from putting together some of the brightest minds in different and unusual experiences will develop new resources, capabilities and connections you didn’t even know about.

5 Reasons to Join
Maverick NEXT

Who NEXT is NOT for:

Just as much as you’re investing to be around the right people…you’re also investing to not have to spend any time with the WRONG people.

Here are people we actively screen-out:

Meet Greg & Yasmina

It’s 2019 and Greg is about to sneak on stage to pitch his idea at a business conference. He wasn’t sure if he was allowed to go on stage but he decided to do it. The fear was heavy in his heart.

The fear of being kicked out of the event…
The fear of not being allowed to go to that event again…
Heart beating fast… he goes on stage.
This decision changed the course of history… because Yasmina was in the crowd watching as he pitched his idea.

This would spark the conversation that would lead to a partnership that would bring together like-minded young entrepreneurs from around the globe to create massive growth, impact, and fun.

Greg came from a household
that had domestic violence.

His dad went to prison 4x, his mom didn’t graduate from high school, his favorite
uncle used to snort cocaine in his living room growing up. He was 1 out of 4 black
kids at his middle school and high school. His self-confidence was so low he was
called the N-word to his face and was too afraid to stand up for himself.

When Greg was 19 he hit rock bottom.

He was going through a tough breakup, he had no idea what he wanted to do with
his life, and he wasn’t excited about the path he was on in community college.

That’s when he came across Tony Robbins’ Personal Power II tapes which changed his life forever. Not too long after, he stumbled upon his first mentor who was a millionaire in the 90s and filled his head with belief that he can do great things in his life.

From that point forward, Greg became obsessed with finding like-minded peers and helping others live their dreams by connecting them with the right people.

Yasmina, on the other hand, was on a fast path to a high flying corporate career in the city.

She got her BA at Cambridge University and an MSc from the MIT of the UK.
Her environment wouldn’t accept anything less than Ivy League…

After a 10 week hell-on-earth experience in a prestigious finance internship, Yasmina made the decision to become an entrepreneur. But not knowing a single person who was an entrepreneur, she became obsessed with finding other entrepreneurs which kickstarted her podcast “The Young Entrepreneur’s Journey Podcast”.

From that, Yasmina interviewed the former CEO of the largest advertising company in the world, the Founder of Reebok, the man who runs the #1 real estate team in Canada, and many other 7-9 figure business owners.

Fast forward to the business conference, Yasmina joined Greg’s 5am PST daily accountability Zoom call which solidified their relationship to join forces and connect with like-minded peers and successful mentors.

This partnership led to Greg getting into masterminds for free that people pay $85k/year to be a member. Yasmina getting a personal testimonial from the Founder of Reebok. Landing 27 multi-million dollar mentors and becoming friends with ambitious peers under 30 years old across the globe.

In 2021, Yanik Silver (Founder of Maverick1000) reached out to Yasmina

To join Maverick NEXT as a member and instead turned into her running Maverick NEXT and she brought Greg in as well.

Maverick1000 is a mastermind that has been active since 2008.

Contributing icons of Maverick1000 include: 

Richard Branson



Jesse James



Sally Hogshead

John Paul Dejoria

Leslie Blodgett




Dr. Peter








If there’s one thing that changed their lives more than anything,
it’s that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

You don’t invest into Maverick for another business mastermind. You pay into Maverick to make the ambitious friends you will grow with for the rest of your life.

Greg & Yasmina are intentional about keeping this a high-quality group of young entrepreneurs who are wired for growth, impact, and fun.

Your NEXT step is awaiting you…